Headlines of the Results of Research Project in 2011


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[1] Monitoring and modeling in croplands and grasslands for nationwide assessment

PDF 11110 Greenhouse gas budget of grasslands and forage crop fields in Japan and influence of manure application

PDF 11120 Intensive monitoring and mechanistic modeling of water-carbon-nitrogen dynamics in agricultural ecosystems

PDF 11130 Country-scale estimation of GHG mitigation potential

[2] Development of long-term carbon storage technology in bringing about farmland improvement

PDF 12100-1 Evaluation of organic carbon stock technologies by subsurface drainage system

PDF 12100-2 Aged deterioration of underdrain with organic filter materials

[3] Development of technologies to reduce GHG emissions in agricultural soils

PDF 13110 Mitigation of GHGs and improvement of GHGs sink in rice paddy fields

PDF 13120 Development of mitigation technologies for arable farming

[4] Development of technologies to reduce GHG emissions in livestock waste treatment

PDF 14110 Precision measurement of the greenhouse gas in livestock waste trea‚”ment process

PDF 14120-1 Development of mitigation technologies of GHGs emissions from animal waste treatment

PDF 14120-2 Model simulation of NO2- accumulation during swine wastewater treatment

PDF 14130-1 GHG mitigation in animal manure management by feeding strategy and its evaluation from life-cycle perspective

PDF 14130-2 A newgMilk Roadmaphin Japan -A trial focused on milk production-

[5] Development of technology to reduce GHG emissions from ruminant livestock

PDF 15110 Ruminal methane reduction in cattle

[6] Development of technologies to reduce GHG emissions through the use of natural energies

PDF 16110-1 Development of micro hydro power system using agricultural irrigation water

PDF 16110-2 Utilization of undersurface heat exchange for horticulture as a technique against global warming

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